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26 December 2011 @ 11:10 pm
It's A Wonderful Lie
I thought my life would be easier if I get married

Title: It's a Wonderful Lie

Author: ayoshiari83

Pairing: Eeteuk/girl!Henry, Eeteuk/girl!Kyuhyun

Genre: fluff, romance, drama

Warning: unbeta-ed

Rating: PG-13

Summary: I thought my life would be easier if I get married.

“Hi, my name Cho Kyuhyun. You just can call me Kyuhyun.”

I thought my life would be easier if I get married.

“I am Park Jungsoo, twenty-six years old. Nice to meet you too.”

But I think it's better to know and be disappointed than to never know and always wonder how marriage life is.

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14 July 2011 @ 12:55 am

Chapter 1
Touch of Evil: The Freshman
"The freshman, Agent Cho knocked down the spoiled Korean President’s younger daughter—Goo Hara—for the first time."

Goo Hara is a younger daughter of the President of Korea. Because of that, she has to be accompanied by bodyguards, which is in this case is Super Junior Security Squad.

Things become complicated when Hara was kidnapped. Afther the kidnapping incident, the President decides her daughter to move to a safer place, her bodyguards' dorm. to protect and keep her out from danger.

What will happen when Hara has to live with all boys?

But someone amongst their Super Junior Security Squad is hiding a secret that will threaten Goo Hara's life.

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26 December 2010 @ 11:52 pm

The Memories of White Christmas

After his father passed away, Donghae said “I’m okay, I’m the strong Donghae!” But at night, he would secretly hide in the toilet and cry.

December 24th 2006. 10.15PM

Donghae-ya, where are you?

A short text message from Eeteuk arrived on Donghae’s phone. Donghae sighed after read that.

“I’m sorry hyung.” In a moment, he turned off his phone and saved it on his bag.

Every people in the world need a lonely time when you’re just want to be alone with yourself, to think about everything, to concentrate, and calming down the heart. Sometimes on that time, you can find many brilliant solution or idea to make your life better.

It's been four months, sixteen days, twenty hours, two minutes and fifty seconds since he died. Donghae’s father. Tonight would be the first Christmas Eve without his most important person in his life. Would be the first Christmas he spent alone without the warm hug of his father.

Father in heaven do you watch over me and see how I overcome many trials, how I smile, cry, am happy, and am sad…?

Donghae mulled over as the white droplets of snow began to pour, covering all the streets in front of SM Building. He walked toward the windows and opened the frame, so the cold wind could touch his face.

It wasn’t fair

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24 December 2010 @ 04:21 pm


“Okay, lets make a bet!” Heechul cut Jessica’s sentence. “If you win over 2AM tonight, you’ll be mine the whole night.”

SNSD’s Music Bank waiting room.

She held his breath as the door behind her creaked open. “Go away guys, I want to be alone!” she yelled without even tilted her head to see who’s coming. Jessica really in a bad mood now. She just arrived 2 hours ago from Japan and had to perform in a music station with no rest time. Although she felt tired, dizzy and sleepy, SNSD had to perform rite?

“Jung Jessica, long time no see,” said a voice behind her back.

Jessica turned her head curiously after heard such a husky voice. A tall man in black suit with super short hair-cut appeared in front of her eyes. He wore a Giordano shades and smirked evilly. His presence, standing handsomely in front of the door made her heart trembled a little. It has been a month or more since they have seen each other. Both were busy with their schedules. When Jessica came to practice room, he only met Eunhyuk or Donghae or Shindong who practiced dancing.

“Heechul oppa? W-what are you doing here?”

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09 December 2010 @ 06:45 pm

Kkkkk. This is not random pairing fyi. I found them chatted and whispered each other on Music Bank Encore two times when SuJu winning k-chart w/ Bonamana. And I could see Yesung back-hugged Krystal XDD

Well~~~ there must have been something between their 10years-age-gap relationship story ><


Let’s (Not) Talk About Jessica

"Yesung’s eagle-eyes made she wasn't sure how much longer she could deal with this feeling…"

SM Building.

This early morning, noone hadn’t came to the company yet. Krystal sat alone in the middle of the office, wandering but useless. The other f(x) members already had schedule, left her without friend. Rather than carving pathetically in home, she decided to go to the building, but she felt more bored now.

“Hi Soojung-ah,” a voice shocked her from behind. “Why do you look so sleepy like that? Go back to your dorm, you cant drooling on the company’s table.”

“That’s not nice, Heechul Oppa,” answered Krystal. “How odd, Oppa already woke up and come here.”

“Hah. I have recording for Family Outing to pick up Wonder Girls in their dorm. I have to wait on basement maybe SBS staff already came. See ya, little girl.” Heechul smirked, ran his hand through Krystal’s hair.

“Damn!” Since years ago, she would keep silent when Heechul made fun of him. She heard from Sulli that this AB Cinderella could be so mischievous in terms of getting retaliation.

After Heechul left, Krystal looked at his neck. She rubbed the necklace that hanging there sadly. Seemed like that diamond necklace is so precious for her.

“What’s that?”

Krystal looked up to see the owner of that husky voice. Yesung. Shocked, she hurrily hid the necklace under her pink sweater. “Yesung Oppa?”

“What’s that?” asked Yesung again.

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08 December 2010 @ 03:37 pm

Kiss Me Baby Kiss Me Tonight

"It’s already midnight. You just wanted to take a sleep when you heard a ringing bell sound from the front door of your apartment."

It’s already midnight. You just wanted to take a sleep when you heard a ringing bell sound from the front door of your apartment. Your eyes became squinted and narrowed. What’s that? Who would knock your door at 1AM in the dawn? You felt something strange, since you live alone in your apartment. Your big family is living overseas, and you have been coming to Korea just to pursue your carrier.

Slowly, you stepped down from the bed, walking curiously toward the front door.

“W-who are you?” you spoke on the intercom, anxiously.

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04 December 2010 @ 07:44 pm

Cinderella and the Starcraft Boys

…Why in the world, you didn’t tell me about this and you just left, really left me?...

It remind me of what occurred long time ago. It’s not so big deal, but that really made my life changed. Totally. That morning, I sighed loudly when the alarm clock started to chirp. Ugh, I craved so much lying on the bed, no interest to move a bit.

Hearing a voice of Hyori sunbaenim sang Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and I knew, my phone was ringing. Usually, I just let until the caller tired or what and the song ended, but today I tried to gain all my strength to reach my phone on the buffet.

Teuk-ah Calling…..

For a long time, my heart started to tremble a lot. I didn’t want to answer it, because I already knew what would he say. Let me check my inbox. 20 new messages.

Sender : Teuk-ah

Yaa~ Chul-ah! Where the hell are you? Don’t avoid me! Come here in a minute, or I’m going to kill you when I reach the dorm (¬_¬)

Sender : Donghae

Hyung! Are you seriously wont come to the presscon? Are you really ready for the most terrible scandal in tomorrow’s headline?

And there were almost 11 missed calls from another members. Everyone told me to come. Everyone but you. That stupid magnae. The one betrayer. The boy that really don’t know what is the name of friendship, brotherness or bandmates. We are one, but he secretly destroyed all of our dreams. I closed my eyes, tears threatening to fall. Damn, why did I cry for a cruel man like him? Four years… aniyo, five years, I already knew you for five years since the day you showed up on practice room, but this is your retaliation? I’ve always interested in things involving hitting people, and if you’re here, you’re the one that will receive my blessed stroke.

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